Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fresh Prince of Bel Air "Uncle Phil"- James Avery Dead? Nope, still alive and kicking!

America actor James Avery, most famous for his role as Uncle Phil aka Philip Banks in the hit TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air which aired in the 1990s. In his role as Uncle Phil he played a character that was a wealthy attorney-later in the series he advanced to a judge. He was also a husband and the father of three children, then became the responsible guardian to his rambunctious nephew which was played by Will Smith. I watch this show a ton when I was in middle school- and loved it! Great Sitcom Comedy.
Apparently there has been a rumor on twitter today that James Avery died. But this James Avery is still alive and kicking according toWikipedia. He has been mistaken for the Scottish soccer player Phil O'Donnell who was also nicknamed Uncle Phil- Phil O'Donnell did die but--it happened 3 years ago. Dont know how these crazy rumors get started?
Just a rumor- James Avery is still alive on his 61st year.

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